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Calling all design students, recent grads, and aspiring creative entrepreneurs!

Are you looking for a helping hand to give you a jump start into your creative career? Maybe you need a bit of guidance to work out the next step on the road to chasing your dream. Or perhaps you’d like to run that big idea past someone savvy who can help you make it a reality... Well, let me be your new BFF in business! 

Introducing DREAM BIG, my one-on-one mentoring program!

Through a series of informative and inspiring personalised sessions I’ll work directly with you to build an exciting and achievable action plan for the next phase of your creative journey, whatever it may be. I’ll answer your questions on all things biz, hook you up with invaluable resources, and send you off with the knowledge and skills to kickstart a long-lasting, successful creative career.

Why me though? Well, over the last 7 years I have built a successful creative business from the ground up. My multi-faceted craft-based design practice has seen me create work for clients like Lego, Etsy and Lily Allen, to name a few. I’ve lived and worked through all phases of the creative career journey, from clueless newbie to experienced professional, and have learned so much in the process about how to make a living doing something I love. I didn’t have a mentor when I was starting out, but always feel like it would have been so valuable to have a bit of guidance in those early stages.  So that being said, I would love nothing more than to use my proven skills and experience to empower and equip people like you with everything you need to lead your best life as a creative powerhouse!
Whatever you need, I'm your gal!

Some of the things we could work on together:

Brand identity and development
DIY marketing
Pitching to clients
Project management
Time management
Pricing your products and services
Developing and selling a product line
Dealing with the dull stuff (AKA tax, admin, inventory, legal)
Overcoming creative demons (fear of failure, comparison, imposter syndrome procrastination, lack of motivation etc)
... and anything else you're keen to work through!

How does it work?

After getting the low-down on what you'd like to cover via email, I'll schedule an initial Skype session (or where possible an in-person meeting) to get the ball rolling. If you're happy with a single meet up we can leave it at that. However, if you think you'll need more than one session to figure it all out,  you can book a session multi-pack at a discounted rate.  For those that are looking for mentorship on an on-going basis, you can sign up for my ongoing subscription service. In all cases you will receive follow-ups via email to track your progress and keep you motivated!

How much does it cost?


Single mentoring session

1 hour + follow-up email

$75 AUD


3 sessions + follow-up emails
$195 AUD
(save $10 per session!)

Mentorship subscription

6 months, 1 session per month
+ follow-up emails
$360 AUD
(save $15 per session!)


To find out more or to book your first session, please click the button below. 
I look forward to working with you to make your creative dream a reality!