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Lucky Dip Surprise Bag!

from 40.00

Have you been coveting some KP stuff but can't decide what to get?

Introducing Lucky Dips! Surprise goodie bags stuffed full of carefully curated treats for a fraction of the price!

Inside each Lucky Dip Surprise Bag you will find an assortment of unique Kitiya Palaskas products, from patches to pins, earrings, keyrings and even a few rare surprises and one-offs. While you won't know exactly what you're going to get (because that's part of the fun!) you can be assured you will receive a colourful and varied selection of quality products to spice up your day! 

There are three Lucky Dip bags available:
Small: Over $65 in value for $40!
Medium: Over $80 in value for $55!
Large: Over $120 in value for $85!

Please note: The products shown in these photos illustrate some of the items you might find in your Lucky Dip bag. While you may not get exactly what is shown here, the selection is guarenteed to be magical!

Although visible at checkout, our Small Goods postage option is not available for Lucky Dip products due to the varied size and weight of each Lucky Dip bag. If you select this postage option you will be contacted and asked to upgrade your postage to our flat rate regular parcel post option. 

Lucky Dip 1.jpg
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