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This is an article from the original Real Talk blog, which is now archived here on the KP website!
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Hey gang,

A little Real Talk update for you with some news about where we are headed in 2019. So, in reflecting on the year just past, I’ve been thinking about a bunch of things I loved, but also found challenging about running the Real Talk project. The good things: I still feel so passionate about wanting to share stories and resources about creative wellbeing and to facilitate a dialogue about them. I have also thoroughly enjoyed writing a blog again. Blogging was one of my first ever creative outlets and I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed and missed doing it, as well as curating awesome related resources to inspire and empower people with.

But there have been some negatives. I have struggled with maintaining a separate blog and instagram account alongside my existing platforms that I have for my business. I found that I just haven’t had enough time to devote to all of them and I kind of feel like I am losing that initial sense of community that surrounded Real Talk simply because I can’t keep up with the social media updates. One of the reasons why I started Real Talk was because I loved the dialogue that was happening every time I posted something about creative wellbeing on my social media. I feel like this has been lost a bit now, as I don’t have the mental capacity to facilitate this on BOTH social media accounts. I also didn’t get a chance to send out any Real Talk newsletters last year, which is something I really wanted to do because I truly believe in it as a communications medium.

Where does that leave Real Talk going into 2019?

Well, I need to make it easier and more streamlined for me to share Real Talk stuff with you, while also fitting in work, life, and the running of my business. I am dedicated to this project, so I need to find a way to balance it all, as canning it is not an option for me. So, with that being said, we are going to trial something new.

The Real Talk project will now become an e-newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox and filled to the brim with original content, videos, podcast recommendations, wellbeing exercises, and other empowering resources that we have lovingly curated and written just for you. The original articles we write will also be posted over on my Kitiya Palaskas blog but to make them super easy for you to find and access they’ll feed through to their own special page on my site, which you can find at kitiyapalaskas.com/realtalk. But if you’re still keen to access the additional resources we used to curate and share (including Katie’s amazing wellness exercises), you’ll need to sign up to the newsletter.

To keep things super streamlined we’ll also be phasing out the Real Talk Instagram account. Anything to do with Real Talk will now be posted on my @kitiyapalaskas account and can be found under the hashtag #realtalkbykit and my Real Talk Highlight.

So what do you need to do to keep accessing Real Talk?

Firstly, please subscribe to the brand new Real Talk newsletter (see below to sign up)! This won’t be the spammy, incessant type of newsletter that makes you want to unsubscribe before you’ve even opened it up, we promise. We respect your time and your attention span, so you can rest assured that we will be valuing quality over quantity here. If you previously signed up to our old newsletter, you won’t need to sign up again, we got you!

Secondly, hop over and follow me on Instagram (@kitiyapalaskas) if you haven’t already as this is where I’ll be posting any Real Talk updates from now on.

Lastly, click over to Real Talk’s new home, kitiyapalaskas.com/realtalk and check out some of our older articles, you might find something that inspires you to start your year with a bang.

We do hope you enjoy our new format, I know I’ll definitely enjoy it more and it will hopefully make things easier for me so I can continue to serve up Real Talk goodness to help you improve your creative wellbeing!

As always, thank you for reading! xxx


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