Yaaaassss! I am so stoked on this new DIY! Early last year I had a solo show called Wish You Were Here, which was all about tropical holiday souvenirs and ephemera. As part of this I created a couple of felt indoor plants and really fell in love with the process and the finished look. I've always been really obsessed with the concept of creating every day things out of unconventional materials, so this project just really does it for me!

Kitiya Palaskas - DIY Felt Monstera
Kitiya Palaskas Monstera DIY hero 1.jpg

I have so many indoor plants at home (it's actually becoming a bit extreme), and I think I'm a pretty good plant mum, but sometimes you just get a stubborn jerk of a plant that won't stay alive no matter how much love you give it. Enter this DIY! Now you can create some forever foliage that you'll never be able to kill. I had so much fun putting this together and styling the lil' shoot, and hope you have a blast making your own. Don't forget to post your finished product on Instagram and tag @kitiyapalaskas and #KPForeverFoliage  so I can see your amazing creation! Happy "gardening"!

Kitiya Palaskas - DIY Monstera Deliciosa
Kitiya Palaskas - DIY Monstera Deliciosa
Kitiya Palaskas - DIY Monstera Deliciosa

Design Work



Late last year I was commissioned by Sydney-based agency One Green Bean to create a series of DIY videos for Australia's largest supermarket chain Woolworths, in collaboration with Melbourne-based video producer On Jackson Street. The series featured three unique Halloween costume ideas for kids. I wanted to try showcasing each project using stop-motion, a format I've loved for ages and thought would be a quirky, unique way to present DIY content, especially for social media, as these videos were intended. Tatanja from On Jackson Street brought my ideas to life with her charming animation skills and I love the result! Check 'em out and maybe even consider trying some out next time you need a party costume!