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Here is a simple breathing technique designed for the times when the work is piling up, the to do list seems never-ending and all of a sudden, you realise you haven't left your desk in hours. This happens to all of us and it's ok. The best way to think about it is to take a breather, regroup and start fresh.

Stop whatever you’re doing for 1 minute (if you can do this at your desk, that’s great, but you may need to excuse yourself and go to the another room if you’re around people and distractions). Sit or stand comfortably, and close your eyes if that’s ok to do (otherwise keep a low, soft gaze). Imagine you have a balloon in your mouth. Breathe in deeply, and as you breathe out, the balloon will start to inflate. Imagine the in breaths containing small stress points that have been niggling at you and imagine them filling up the balloon on the out breath. Fill up the balloon with all the stresses and niggles until it’s full. Tie the balloon in a knot, then let go and watch as it floats up to the sky and eventually out of sight.

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