In celebration of National Donut Day (though let's face it, any day is donut day in my opinion), here's a simple and mega cute applique project for jazzing up your collar! 

Kitiya Palaskas DIY lapel donuts
Kitiya Palaskas DIY Lapel Donut materials

You Will Need

  • Small pieces of felt in pink and caramel colours
  • Embroidery thread in the following colours: red, blue, yellow, pink, white and caramel
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thin, sharp sewing needle
  • Pencil
  • Something circular to trace around, approximately 4cm in size

Step 1
Find something circular to use as a template (approximately 4cm in size) and draw 2 circles onto each piece of felt. 

Step 2
Cut the circles out! The caramel felt will form the donut, with the pink felt forming the icing.

Step 3
To create the donut holes, fold each circle in half and draw a tiny semi-circle along the straight edge of each piece. Cut along this line and unfold.

Step 4
To create some detail on your donut icing, draw a curvy line all the way around each pink circle, then cut along this line. If you're like me and prefer to live on the edge a little, you can free-hand cut the curvy line without drawing it first. Fancy! 

Step 5
To attach the icing to the donut pieces, use a single strand of pink embroidery thread and a simple running stitch to sew the two together. Stitch all the way around the outer and inner edges of the pink layer. 

Step 6
To create some donut sprinkles,  thread 4-5 strands of blue embroidery threads onto your needle. Sew a bunch of random single stitches all over each donut, then tie off. 

Step 7
Repeat Step 6 with the remaining embroidery thread colours until each donut is covered in colourful sprinkles.

Step 8
Thread a single strand of caramel embroidery thread onto your needle. Using the same simple running stitch, sew a donut onto each collar. Alternatively you could stitch these onto jackets, bags, purses, or anything else that needs a bit of jazzing up!

Kitiya Palaskas DIY Lapel Pin
Kitiya Palaskas DIY Lapel Donut