How to: Festive Drink Stirrers

Written for frankie Magazine as part of a monthly DIY project series
If you ask us, summer is for al fresco crafting and pretending you’re holidaying in a tropical destination (while you’re actually just a few metres from your bedroom and probably still sporting your pyjama top). These cheerful drink stirrers will brighten up all your favourite tipples, making your warm weather fiestas a little more fancy.


You Will Need

  • Wool in a variety of bright colours
  • A few kitchen skewers
  • Scissors
  • A summery drink!

Step 1
Use the scissors to cut a skewer into thirds. Discard the pointy third, then stack the two remaining pieces against another skewer. Tie a piece of wool around the centre of the stack with a tight triple knot. Ensure that the wool is still attached to its ball rather than snipping it free, as you'll need this in a minute. Slide the stack up the skewer to your desired position.

Step 2
Split the stack so that it forms a star, holding the pieces in place with one hand. Using your other hand, begin to wind the wool around each skewer piece, in the following way...

Step 3
With one hand holding the star in place, bring the wool over the top of one of the skewer pieces, wrap it back under and around, then bring it over the top of the next skewer piece, and continue in this way until you start to see the hexagonal weaving begin to form.

Step 4
When you feel like changing colours, simply cut the wool off the ball leaving enough of a tail for a knot, then tie the new wool on in a tight triple knot. Trim any excess bits before you begin winding again.

Step 5
Continue weaving with different colours until you reach the end points of each of your skewers. Then, snip the wool from the ball and loop it through a section of the weaving and tie in a knot at the back. Trim any excess wool.

Now, gather your closest pals, pump up the summer jams, pour yourselves some refreshing tropical bevvies, top them off with a drink stirrer or two, and ENJOY!

Other snazzy ways to use your drink stirrers after your glass is empty:
- decorate your favourite planter pots
- cut off the long part of the skewer and tie on a string for an instant hanging decoration
- affix them to the top of a present