How to: Mini Christmas Pinatas

Written for Envato as part of a monthly DIY project series

You'll love this unique take on the piñata, traditionally from Mexico but now associated with celebrations and party occasions everywhere. What better way to treat your loved ones than with a festive trinket box filled with surprises! Inspired by the shape of a Christmas tree, these little decorations are perfect for storing tiny treats and will look great as place settings for the dining table, scattered across a mantelpiece, or even hung from the Christmas tree itself.

Kitiya Palaskas DIY Christmas pinata

You Will Need

  • Card stock.
  • Metallic streamers.
  • Scissors.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • 1 x 20cm piece coloured string, ends knotted together.
  • Confetti, candies, trinkets etc.
  • Piñata template (See below)

Piñata template
Open the piñata template in a new tab in your browser so it opens to full size. Print and cut it out. The template only shows half of the pyramid shape so it would fit onto an A4 sheet of paper for easy printing. 

Step 1
Trace around the template onto the cardstock. Rotate the template clockwise by 180 degrees until the centre edge of the template and the outline you traced match up. Trace around the template to complete the shape.

Step 2
Affix double-sided tape along all 4 tabs on the pyramid shape. If the tape is too thick for the tabs, cut off the excess.

Step 3
Close up three faces of the pyramid, with the tabs stuck on the inside of the pyramid. Fill the pyramid with confetti, candies, trinkets or any other tiny treat of your choice. Insert the knotted twine at the top of the tree so the loop hangs out and close up the remaining pyramid face, concealing the knot inside..

Step 4
Cut pieces of metallic streamer to size so that they fit the bottom face of the pyramid and secure with double-sided tape. Cut four thins trips of metallic streamer and stick them along the bottom edges of each triangle face. If you can't find metallic streamers, you can use metallic cellophane or crepe paper.

Step 5
Use scissors to make thin, even cuts along a long strip of metallic streamer. Cut up to the middle of the strip only. If you can find them, multi-blade scissors make fringe cutting a quick and easy task. If not, just use regular scissors.

Step 6
Using double-sided tape, stick segments of fringe around the pyramid in layers, folding and sticking overlapping edges around onto the other faces as you go. Continue until you reach the top of the pyramid

Step 7
To finish, wrap and stick a small piece of fringe around the tip of the pyramid, and you're done!