How to: Mini Pencil Pinatas

Written for frankie Magazine as part of a monthly DIY project series

You may not be able to write an essay with these paper-crafted pencils, but we can pretty much guarantee you'll have way more fun putting them together. They make perfect party favours, place settings, and decorations too, but most of all, they're just super cute!


You Will Need

  • A toilet roll
  • White card
  • Black card
  • Pink card
  • Silver card
  • Yellow crepe paper, cut into fringe
  • Pink crepe paper, cut into fringe
  • Confetti
  • Crimping scissors
  • Scissors
  • Cutting knife
  • Masking tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil



Step 1
Draw a circle onto pink card, using the end of the toilet roll as a template. Draw a slightly larger circle around the first. Cut this out, then use the back edge of the cutting knife blade to gently score around the inner circle line. Cut slits all the way around the circle, up to the inner circle line to create little tabs.

Step 2
Place the pink circle over one end of the toilet roll like a cap, then stick the tabs down with a strip of masking tape.

Step 3
Draw a circle onto the white card, approximately 8.5cm in diameter. Find the centre of this circle, then mark out a quarter wedge. Then mark out a few tabs around the circle and cut the whole thing out.

Step 4
Curve the white circle into a cone, adjusting so it fits perfectly just on top of the toilet roll. Secure with double-sided tape on the inside.

Step 5
Fill the roll with confetti (and little lollies or trinkets if you like!).

Step 6
Sit the cone on top of the open end of the roll with tabs on the outside, and secure in place with a strip of masking tape.

Step 7
Starting at the base, stick three rows of pink fringe onto the roll using double-sided tape.

Step 8
Stick rows of yellow fringe onto the roll until you reach the base of the pencil point.

Step 9
Cut a thin strip of silver card and use double-sided tape to stick it around the pencil, where the yellow and pink fringe meet.

Step 10
Cut a small circle from black card, approximately the size of a 20-cent piece. Use the crimping scissors to make a zigzag edge around the circle. Cut a wedge out of the circle and use the same technique as in step 6 to create a cone.

Step 11
Wrap a small piece of double-sided tape around the tip of the pencil, and stick the cone onto the top to complete the piñata.