How to: Woven Napkin Rings

Kitiya Palaskas DIY woven napkin rings
Kitiya Palaskas DIY woven napkin rings

You will need
Assorted coloured wool for the pom pom, 
16 strands of coloured wool (each 60cm long)
Scissors (fabric and paper)
Plain card stock
Small round bowl
Glue stick cap

Step 1
If you have a pom pom maker, skip ahead to Step 2. If not, here's how to make one using a small bowl or other circle shape (around 6cm in diameter) and the cap of a glue stick. Trace around the bowl onto card stock, cut it out, then place the cap in the middle of the circle and trace around that. Fold the circle in half and cut along the centre line to create 2 semi-circles. Cut around the inside circle line of one of the semi-circles to create an arch. Trace the arch onto card stock and add a 1.5cm tab onto the end of each. Cut this new shape out and fold the tabs up. You will need four of these shapes in total.

Step 2
Place two pom pom maker pieces together with the tabs sticking out. Wrap wool all the way around the arch. The more you wrap, the fuller the pom pom. To create the multi-coloured effect, regularly change wool and wrap it randomly. You could also try wrapping segments in one colour, to form a striped effect. 

Step 3
When you're done wrapping, place one piece on top of the other and staple the tabs together. Using fabric scissors, start cutting all the way around the circle. The blades of the scissors should slip in between the two card layers of the pom pom maker.

Step 4
Place a piece of string in between the two card layers and tie it around the wool in a tight knot. Don't trim the excess of this wool tie because you'll need it later on. Pull the card layers off and trim the pom pom until it forms a neat ball.

Step 5
Tie a knot in the entire bunch of coloured wool strands, close to the top. Group the strands of wool into sections of 4 strands each.

Step 6
This weaving technique is exactly like making a friendship bracelet, except much larger due to the multiple strands of wool. To start the weaving, knot the far left hand bunch of strands (in this case neon yellow) onto the second bunch. Repeat this knot.

Step 7
With the same neon yellow bunch, knot twice onto the next bunch over. You will need to repeat this knotting technique on each bunch of strands until you've knotted them all.

Step 8
Once you've knotted the yellow bunch onto all the other bunches, repeat this process but with the next bunch in the line (in this case, light blue).

Step 9
Keep knotting until you have approximately 10cm of weaving.

Step 10
To make the ring, untie the knot you made in the top of the weaving. Tie the loose strands together in a tight double knot to form the ring. Trim the excess wool off so it's all neat.

Step 11
Tie the pom pom to the ring in a tight double knot. Make sure the pom pom sits over the knot in the weaving so it hides it and everything is neat. Trim off the excess tie wool, and you're done!