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What is Real Talk?

Real Talk is an online project that aims to encourage dialogue about wellbeing issues experienced by creative people. Through a series of blog posts and a curated e-newsletter, we share original articles, stories and resources from all over the community with the aim to empower you and help you lead your best creative life.  Real Talk is curated and edited by me, with contributions from Katie Holcombe, founder of I Need Organising. This project is a product of my ongoing personal endeavors to help facilitate more dialogue around wellbeing issues for the creative community. 

Real Talk started as a traditional blog, but we are now sharing this project in an e-newsletter format. By subscribing, you’ll receive original articles written by us on topical creative wellbeing issues, along with a curated collection of accompanying resources. Our original articles will always be available here as well, so you can easily find and enjoy them whenever you want. (Check them out below!)

We hope you find this project inspiring, and above all, empowering. By openly discussing the issues faced by creative people we hope to contribute to improving the overall wellbeing of our community, and foster a safe space to share our experiences.


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